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Barbuda inspires greater balance and a strong commitment to wellness, nutrition and fitness. Its multiple Beach Clubs and Wellness Centers, as well as true farm-and-sea-to-table dining, provide many opportunities to create an active and healthy lifestyle.

Live Well

Start the day with an energizing seaside yoga practice; engage with our expert staff for a personalized training session; receive a revitalizing spa treatment in one of our Beach Club cabanas; or explore the Club’s Life Pursuits program, designed to help Members learn to integrate a healthy agrarian lifestyle. Within this welcoming, healthy and safe environment, rejuvenation awaits.


The Organic Farm provides Members with daily opportunities to embrace both the land and the sea through their influence upon the local culinary traditions. The sustainable farm-and-sea-to-table dining experience, supplemented by select local providers, will appeal to every member’s taste buds with an array of healthful dishes. From cooking classes to fine dining, and barbecues on the beach, Barbuda presents a one-of-a-kind, fresh culinary experience in an incredible environment.

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